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2020 Annual General Meeting

A huge thank you to all those that attended our 2020 AGM! Stay tuned for information for our 2021 AGM.

The 2020 Nechako Valley Regional Cattlemens Association Annual General Meeting was held at the Vanderhoof Event Centre (474 East Victoria Street, Vanderhoof). (inner 6:00pm followed by guest speaker Dr. Chris Clark!

2019 Annual General Meeting

The 2019 Nechako Valley Regional Cattlemens Association Annual General Meeting will be on February 16, 2019, at the Vanderhoof Event Centre (474 East Victoria Street, Vanderhoof). Details are:

Letter to Producers in RDBN Alert and Order Zones - August 17, 2018

I know many of you have spoken with RDBN’s Agriculture Coordinator and/or RANGE/AGRI staff however if you are still uncertain on where to go for more information please take note of the following:

1) If you are a commercial farm in need of assistance please contact your local government (RDBN) Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) at at 250-692-3195 or 1-800-320-3339.

2) Links for official and updated information – please refer to official information sources when possible

Take care,
Lavona Liggins │ Regional Agrologist Hwy 16 East
BC Ministry of Agriculture │ p:250-614-7438 │cell: 250-565-5280
1-888-221-7141 │

Nechako White Sturgeon Newsletter

The Nechako White Sturgeon Recovery Initiative shared with us a short update on projects and ways agriculture can engage in recovery of this endangered species. Click the link to read the NWSRI Newsletter.

Environmental Award

The “Environmental Stewardship Award” is a prestigious award given to a local producer who is a leader in and exemplifies Environmental Stewardship within their respective operation. The Nechako Valley Regional Cattlemen’s Association may present this Award Annually at its AGM.

Click the link to review the Environmental Stewardship Award nomination information.

Changes to Medically Important Antimicrobials

Please note changes around the use of Medically Important Antimicrobials that will take effect on December 1, 2018. MIAs for veterinary use will be sold by prescription only. Go to the Government of Canada website to learn more about the changes to MIAs.

Ken Fawcett – BC Cowboy Hall of Fame Ranching Pioneer

On January 8, 2018, Vanderhoof Online wrote a great article about local cattlemen Ken Fawcett. Click here to read the story.

2017 British Columbia AgriStability Enhancement Program

The British Columbia government has made special provisions to help producers suffering income declines in 2017.

This year has been a particularly challenging one for many producers across the province. The challenges include disasters like winter freeze, excessive moisture, and forest fires. The British Columbia AgriStability Enhancement Program allows agricultural producers to enroll late and without penalty into the existing AgriStability program. It also includes some enhancements to the AgriStability program but only for 2017.

How Does the New AgriStability Enhancement Program Work?

The program provides a late enrollment option for AgriStability.

The program includes an increase of program benefits for new and existing clients by eliminating the Reference Margin Limit.

The program has an option that allows for an advance payment of up to 75% of the estimated final payment to be received early.
Finally the compensation rate will increase from 70% to 80% on the positive margin loss for new and existing clients.

Application Process

The deadline to apply is April 30, 2018
New participant, or previously opted out of AgriStability:

Existing participant:

Forms are available through the links below or by request.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. Dedicated personnel are in place to assist you with the application process
Contact Details
Telephone: 1 877 343-2767 (toll free)
Fax: 1 877 605-8467 (toll free)
Mail: 2017 B.C. AgriStability Enhancement Program
Business Risk Management Branch
200, 1500 Hardy Street
Kelowna, B.C. V1Y 8H2

For more information and for links to the appropriate forms please go to:

If you are or someone you know is an Agricutlura Business Operator impacted by the 2017 WILDFIRES please read...

In order to maximize the opportunity for impacted producers to be aware of and access programs that may apply to their individual situations I am including the following notices – if you were impacted please review, if you know of someone who was impacted please share with them, if neither of these apply to you please disregard.

There are three programs available.
A. AgriRecovery Program – application deadline January 31, 2018
B. Farm Business Recovery Advisory Services Program
C. Canadian Red Cross Support to Small Business Program

Click this link to read more details about each program and links to the programs.

IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR EXISTING WELL WATER USERS – exemption period of one-time application fee has been extended.

Click here for the weblink to this article.
“Blog Post #22 – Existing Well Water Users
December 15, 2017

Do you use well-water for irrigation or commercial purposes?
In response to public feedback on the application process for existing groundwater users, government is extending the exemption of the one-time application fee until March 1, 2019.
This extension will allow more BC groundwater users (who were using water on or before February 29, 2016) to save a minimum of $250 on their licence application while government continues to make the application process simpler and easier for everyone.
Groundwater licensing gives BC’s businesses greater security by providing legal protection to your right to use the water for beneficial purposes. Licensing establishes your right, and provides fairness and clear rules for managing conflicts between water users during times of water scarcity. Licensing provides government with the information it needs to ensure our common resource is managed sustainably.
If your business currently uses groundwater, apply for a licence before March 1, 2019 to ensure your water rights are established and protected now and in the future.
For more information, visit FrontCounter BC to start a groundwater application, or contact FrontCounter BC staff at 1-877-855-3222 for assistance with the online application process.
Groundwater - Applications for Licences, Approvals at

Grasshopper Management

Scouting for grasshoppers and pre-flight management of grasshoppers can be of value.

Since early June, there have been a few reports from producers detecting recent grasshopper hatches in the Vanderhoof region; if you have had fields/border areas that have been of concern in previous years now may be a good time to be checking for young grasshoppers and making any related management decisions you may require.

Below are illustrations of young grasshoppers that may be helpful in identifying the growth stage (click on the image to enlarge).

Links to additional information:

AGM Report

Read the summary report of the NVRCA AGM for 2017. AGM 2017 Report


The Province of BC is asking the public for help in protecting BC bats from White Nose Syndrome. A disease that has killed more than 6 million bats in North America. Bats play a VERY important role in controlling insect populations, including agricultural pests. White Nose Syndrome has not yet been seen in BC but has been found in neighbouring regions. Please report any bats found flying or dead during this winter/early spring to the BC Community Bat Program at 1-855-922-2287 or .

Do not attempt to capture sick or injured bats and do not touch a dead bat with bare hands due to a risk of rabies. If you do find a dead bat, collect it in a plastic bag using leather gloves, label the bag with date/location/contact information, freeze the bag and contact the BC Community Bat Program. For more information, visit our website.

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NVRCA Scholarship Program

The 2016 Nechako Valley Regional Cattlemens Scholarship was awarded to Angela Kulchar and Cynthia Petersen. Congratulations!