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Benefits of NVRCA Memebership

Our membership and participation strenthens and supports the industry locally, provincially and even nationally. All cattle owners should belong. Even if one disagrees with some direction, be invovled to have your concerns heards and also to understnad all aspects of the industry.

Other BENEFITS include:

In 2018, we are reviewing our Constitution and Bylaws. View the Draft Constitution.

Join us for the 2019 Annual General Meeting on February 16, 2019.

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Cluculz Lake Livestock Association

For ranchers living east of Vanderhoof to the Cluculz Lake area. The Cluculz Lake local has 35 members with roughly 5000 cattle. Meetings are the first Tuesday of the month September to June, at Mapes School. Local President is Mike Pritchard. Contact Mike at, or the Local's Secretary Elysia Penner at

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Fort Fraser Livestock Association

Welcoming ranchers and farmers new and old in the Fort Fraser region, west of Vanderhoof. This local, let by President Alex Kulchar, is the largest group with 62 members and over 7100 cattle. The group meets the first Wednesday of the month, September to June, at the Fort Fraser Community Hall. Email Alex at, or the Local's Secretary Jackie Lytle at

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Sinkut Mountain Cattlemens Association

For ranchers living in and around Vanderhoof and Fort St. James. President Decody Corbiere leads the meetings. This group has 63 members and 10,286 head of cattle. The group meets the first Thursday of the month, September to June at the College of New Caledonia. Email the Local's Secretary Aubree Corbier at

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Punchaw Cattlemens Association

Welcoming ranchers south of Vanderhoof to the Telegraph Trail. This Local has 12 member ranchers that have a combined count of 2500 cattle. Contact Punchaw Local president Charles Poole at for more information about this Local.

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